Natural History Museum

2023, Pentagram & Nomad
Marina Willer’s Team

The new Natural History Museum symbol references our planet and the universal connection between everything in nature. The circular formation pulsates to form a 3-colour sunburst—born from nature, it embodies collective energy and positivity. 

Project team: Marina Willer, Stuart Watson (Nomad), Cleber de Campos, Stuart Gough, Kate Blewett, Marta Gaspar, Hamlet Auyeung, Rita Desport, Natalia Witwicka, Charlotte Harmsworth, John Grant, Nathan Monaghan, Tom Gould, Ash Watkins, Marion Bisserie. Collaborators: Heavenly (strategy), Mat Hil (coding), Patrick Giasson (typographer). Image credits: Viktor Sýkora, NHM Image / Trustees of the Natural History Museum

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