Young V&A

2023, Pentagram 
Marina Willer’s Team 

Reimagining the brand for the V&A’s Museum in Hackney to express its unique voice within the brand family. Our team’s vision for the Young V&A is of an active space to imagine, play and design. We hacked the museum's custom typeface and used it for headlines across the whole identity. The visual system is complemented with illustrations hand-drawn by myself, an eye-catching colour palette, a photography style referencing low-tech zine print production, and a set of hand-drawn doodles. 

Project team: Marina Willer, Naresh Ramchandani, Ashley Johnson (copywriting), Cleber de Campos, Kate Blewet, Charlotte Harmsworth, Robyn Siân Cusworth (copywriting), Jeremy Downes (motion), Reuben Osborne (motion), Mel Duarte (photography), Commercial Type (typeface build)

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